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  • The Architect's Guide to Design-Build Services
    The Architect's Guide to Design-Build Services
    by The American Institute of Architects

Need a Designer?


OK, so my motives in this project are not completely altruistic. While much of the work here is aimed at stimulating thinking about the way people live and the homes that they choose to live in, hopefully expanding awareness that results in some change, I want my role in it to go beyond talking about it here.

Are you considering hiring someone to assist in designing a personal residence? A live/work project? Is your firm looking to add to its professional staff? I could well be the person you are looking for.

Although new to architecture from a degree standpoint, I am not the typical new graduate. Architecture has been a long-term passion that I only recently chose to pursue formally full time. The earlier phases of my career(s) span 20+ years and a diverse selection of endeavors form which I have developed and honed a number of valuable, related, and transferable skills, including project management, client relationship development, team building, and business growth.

A penchant for learning and self-improvement, coupled with an ardent desire to achieve excellence, has driven me in my career and life in general. No matter what the project, task, or goal, I take an ownership role in ensuring its successful completion. With the ability to work with people at all levels in a variety of fields, and deal with details without losing track of the big picture, I believe that I could contribute strongly to the success of the right project(s) and/or firm. Please contact me to discuss how what I can contribute as a designer, combined with the attributes of an experienced, mature professional, might augment your efforts.


Potential Clients

Reviewing the other sections on this site will allow you to develop a sense of my thinking and approach to design and, thus, the compatibility level we might achieve. If you haven't perused the rest of the site, please do, to ensure sufficient affinity. As close to and as important the project would be to both parties, like-mindedness is paramount in creating, and maintaining, the rapport necessary for success.

At a minimum, the following criteria reflect prerequisite thinking:

  • A project should be a learning experience for both parties and there should be a willingness to fully engage in, and accept, that process.
  • A project should be a team effort, and of mutual importance to all parties involved.
  • A project should be guided by Intelligent Design principles and result in a design that takes advantage of and responds to the project's context while achieving desired functionality. (Please Note: There is more to come within this site on the topic of 'Intelligent Design'.)
  • A project should be completed in a reasonable time frame and within an appropriate budget.

If what you've read and discerned about me strikes some sort of chord and you have something in mind that resembles these parameters, then I would welcome an opportunity to discuss it with you.


Potential Firms

If you are in the fortunate position to be seeking new staff and the ideals that I have expressed here are a good fit with your own thinking and approach, then I welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs.


Just Need Some Help

Lastly, I am also available for temporary, part time, or contract assistance for tasks including, but not limited to, drawings, renderings, or construction oversight.


I am open to opportunities anywhere, and invite you to contact me via email at:

carch2 at gmail dot com

Notice and Disclaimer: Anyone considering utilizing my services in the design of a residence on a contract basis must understand that I am not, at this time, a registered architect, and do not purport myself to be one. However, I am permitted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), the governing entities that license and regulate architects, to design single- and two-family residences as I pursue registration. Thus, any work that I might do is legal and above board.